Extratorrent Proxy List 2021 for Free : Unblock Extratorrents.cc [100% working]

Extratorrent Site

Are you having trouble to access ExtraTorrent? It feels frustrating when you are not able to open your favorite torrent site but don’t worry here in this post I am going to share some of the best working ExtraTorrent Proxy list with you.

What Is Extratorrent Proxy?

Extratorrent proxy sites are like mirror websites of Extratorrent, You can download any movies, games, Files from these proxy sites for free. Extratorrent was created in 2006 and gain lots of popularity in just few years It was used to download movies, files, games via P2P file sharing method. The official extratorrent website shutdown in 2017 and soon after multiple clone website appeared online.

How to Access Extratorrent

To Access Extratorrent Site you can use proxies which I have shared below. From below list choose any proxy and click on the button it will redirect you to the Extratorrent site.

How To unblock Extratorrent proxy

Why should we use Extratorrent proxy site

As I mentioned earlier, the Extraterrent official website was removed in 2017 and there are many clone and mirror websites, but in some countries, those websites have been blocked. Now to access those sites you can use Extratorrent proxy,

Extratorrent Proxy List 2021

Extratorrent Proxy/Mirror 1
Extratorrent Proxy/Mirror 2

Extratorrent Proxy/Mirror 3

Extratorrent Proxy/Mirror 4
Extratorrent Proxy/Mirror 5
Extratorrent Proxy/Mirror 6
Extratorrent Proxy/Mirror 7

Why use VPNs to unblock Extratorrent

In some countries like India or China torrent is banned. So if you are from those countries you can simply use VPN, choose a server from another country and checkout proxy list which we have mentioned above.

Your IP address is visible

Countries blocking access to Extratorrent

This is the list of countries where Extratorrent sites has been blocked. If you are form below country and proxy is not working for you then you can try VPN to connect the server of another country and then try to access proxy. After you connect a different country server you can access all the content which allows in that region.

  1. India
  2. Pakistan
  3. Russian Federation
  4. Turkey
  5. France
  6. Italy
  7. United Kingdom
  8. United States

How Extratorrent Proxy works?

Extratorrent proxy is a server which act as intermediate computer between you and Extratorrent clone website. To make it simple I give you an example, suppose you want to download one file from torrent you open torrent and simply search file name on extratorrents proxy site it will generate one request and send it to extratorrent clone website the response of the same request sent to the proxy server and then you will get that response from proxy server.

Unblock Extratorrent using TOR

To unblock extratorrent you can use TOR browser which is an open source software. TOR uses a layer of multiple IP addresses which helps you to browse anonymously. TOR is free and secure to use. The only drawback of tor browser is you may face slow speed issue. Is it illegal to use TOR? No, It is not illegal to browse anonymous.

Some popular Extratorrents clone site


After the official extratorrent website was shut down, the first and most popular clone website was introduced as extratorrent.cd. You can unblock extratorrent.cd by using above proxies.


Extratorrent ch is also a one of the most popular clone website of Extratorrent. Many people search “Extratorrent.ch” to download movies, games and files from torrent. You can unblock Extratorrent.ch by using above mentioned proxies.

  • Extratorrent2.net
  • Extratorrent-cc.com
  • Extratorrent.cc

Disclaimer: The information mentioned in this site is just for educational and learning purposes only. We do not promote any piracy and illegal content.

Extratorrent alternatives list in 2021

  • 13377x
  • YTS
  • PirateBay
  • TorrentZ2
  • TorrentBit
  • Torrents.me

Conclusion : There are three main ways to unblock Extratorrent, Using VPN, TOR or Proxy site. But the best way to access Extratorrent site is by use of VPN + Proxy site.If you have fast internet connection you can use TOR browser. You can also use extratorrent alternatives list.

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